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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Thermostat Fails

Most homeowners blame their cooling systems when their home becomes less comfortable or when their bills suddenly rise. If you are one of them, then you should know that those problems could also happen due to a failing thermostat. Before you make assumptions that your air conditioner needs a repair or replacement, try to explore first the other factors that can cause discomfort and high energy costs.

Here are the five reasons why your thermostat fails:

Incorrect Placement

The area where your thermostat is installed has something to do with its performance. It should not be placed near the windows, doors, any heat-emitting equipment, or anywhere hit by direct sunlight. Otherwise, your device will think your space is way too warmer, resulting in wrong temperature reading and uncomfortable indoor space.

Lack of Cleaning

Dust, grease, pollen, and tiny particles can clog up inside the thermostat, causing the wires and sensors to malfunction. A gummed-up wiring can heat up and possibly cause your A/C to shut down. The ball of dust behind the sensor can cause wrong temperature reading, resulting in the short cycling of your cooling system. To avoid this, be sure to perform regular cleaning of the device or call the experts to do the maintenance work.

Poor Installation

If you installed your thermostat all by yourself or paid a non-certified technician for the job, then you’re probably facing a huge problem by now. It may look like a simple piece of device, but installing it is not an easy task. When installing, the bleeder valve needs to be in the right position, and the wiring should be properly connected with the A/C. Therefore, leaving the job to the hands of non-professionals is not a good idea.

Drained Batteries

If you turn on your thermostat and it does not work, then check the battery. The device might have drained batteries, especially when it operates for a longer period. But if you replace your batteries and it still fails to turn on, then call your local technician right away. It could signal a bigger issue in your device.

Old Thermostat

Your thermostat does not last forever. Like other machines you use at home, you may have to replace it when it’s on its last leg. Over time, its internal components can experience wear and tear, and its electrical connections may become loose. When this happens, the device can no longer regulate the right temperature. In that case, replacing it would be your best option.

This summer, staying comfortable in your home shouldn’t be an option. If you are having trouble with your comfort, immediately contact the pros at Infinite Mechanical for expert assessment and repair.

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