5 Signs You Need Air Conditioner Repair in Horsham, PA

5 Signs You Need Air Conditioner Repair in Horsham, PA

Your air conditioner is composed of different components that work together to provide cooling in your home. If one part fails, other parts are affected, as well. The faulty component can cause stress to the others, and your system won’t operate at its best. When this happens, several things could go wrong inside your Horsham, PA home.

Here are the five (5) signs your air conditioning system needs repair:

Your Home Receives Poor Airflow

If your home feels less comfortable even if your thermostat is set right, then your system might be the culprit of poor airflow. Try to restart your cooling system and observe the blowing air out of the vent. If the airflow is insufficient, then your unit is running in poor condition. Schedule your A/C repair in Horsham, PA right away.

Your Energy Bill Rises

A dramatic rise in your monthly cooling bill is a good sign that your air conditioner is running inefficiently. Damaged components that continually operate can cause excessive strain to the system and consequently increase energy consumption. Call a certified A/C technician in Horsham, PA to restore your unit’s efficiency level.

Your A/C Creates Unusual Sounds

Air conditioning units typically create a level of noise, particularly when turned on or off. But when do sounds become alarming?  The loud banging or rattling sounds could mean loose components in the system. The danger is that parts that work in poor condition could damage the entire A/C unit, resulting in costly repairs. Contact the pros for air conditioning service in Horsham, PA.

High Humidity Levels

The sticky feeling and the pooling water on your window mean high humidity levels in your home. This could happen when your A/C isn’t working at its peak performance. Don’t let this issue disrupt your comfort and cause health threats to you and your family. Bring in the experts to address and resolve the problem.

Your System Leaks or Freezes

The puddle of water in your air conditioning system is not a good indication. If not addressed immediately, it can lead to mold issues and put your family’s health in danger. A frozen A/C, on the other hand, is also a problem caused by a refrigerant leak. Contact your local contractor in Horsham, PA to fix your leaking or freezing A/C before it causes major trouble in the future.

This summer, you need to have a well-functioning A/C for your home. Contact Infinite Mechanical for professional repair and maintenance of your air conditioning system.

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