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The Dangers of DIY A/C Repair

The Dangers of DIY A/C Repair

At one time or another, you may have experienced issues with your A/C, and you thought of repairing it yourself. One wrong move, however, can put your system in danger—and that’s something you never wish to happen.

Before you try to fix your air conditioner the next time it fails, go through this post first to realize what dangers DIY fixes could bring.

Electrical Hazards

Average homeowners are not trained on how to use electrical tools properly. Trying to fix your system’s electrical issues without proper tools and knowledge can lead to hazards. Something as simple as shorted wires can cause electrocution if you touch the wrong part of the system. Professional technicians know how to take precautionary measures when fixing your air conditioner, so it’s best to leave the job to them.

Health Problems

Several things could go wrong with your refrigerant line. When the refrigerant leaks, accidental poisoning can happen, causing headaches, vomiting, coughing, nausea, eye and skin irritation, and breathing difficulty. Trying to fix the problem on your own will only prolong your exposure to this life-threatening problem. Don’t risk it! It takes a trained technician to work on your refrigerant line, so don’t DIY.

Bigger Damage to Your A/C

A bad DIY repair can damage your system that might cost thousands of dollars. Letting the professionals handle all the maintenance and repair tasks can truly save you time and money while eliminating the chance of further damage in the future. The money you will pay for the maintenance is potentially much less than the cost you could spend when your system completely breaks down.

Your Warranty Can Be Voided

Most manufacturers advise homeowners to leave the job to professional technicians when having problems with their comfort systems. You should adhere to this recommendation to keep your warranty valid. The exact information in each warranty may vary, but most of them have strict policies that you can violate when you try to fix your system yourself. 

Now you know some of the potential risks of fixing your air conditioning on your own, so it’s best to ask for professional assistance the next time you experience cooling problems. If you need A/C repair, installation, or maintenance in Horsham, PA and the nearby areas, call only Infinite Mechanical. Our well-trained and licensed A/C pros are ready to serve your comfort needs. Set an appointment today!   

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