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King of Prussia’s Top HVAC Company Offers 6 Common Energy- Saving Tips

King of Prussia's Top HVAC Company Offers 6 Common Energy- Saving Tips

6 Common Energy-Saving Tips for Summer

The summer season brings a great opportunity for King of Prussia, PA property
owners to re-evaluate their energy consumption and get their air conditioning system
ready for the coming heatwave. If you don’t know how to do it, then this post is for

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Read on to know the six (6) common energy-saving tips from our experts at Infinite

Replace Your Old A/C

Replacing your outdated A/C is the first step toward saving energy. If your unit is on
its last leg, it will consume more energy to provide cooling in your home. Replace it
with a new and efficient system. Talk to your residential HVAC contractor near
King Of Prussia, PA, to get a suitable unit for your home.

Invest in Energy Star® Products

When buying a new air conditioner, look for an Energy Star® label. These products
maybe expensive, but they can save you more money and energy in the long run
through efficient operation.

Clean Your A/C

If air conditioning replacement in your Horsham, PA home is not yet needed, then
perform some simple maintenance tasks for your existing system. Remove leaves
and other debris around your outdoor unit. Also, vacuum your condenser fins to
remove the remaining dirt. For a complete A/C cleaning and inspection, call your
local A/C maintenance contractor in King Of Prussia, PA.

Weather-Proof Your Space

Cracks and gaps allow the conditioned air to escape and give way for the hot
outdoor air to get in. Check your doors, windows, and walls for leaks. Seal them
using a weather-stripping or caulk sealant. We recommend you call your local HVAC
company for a complete home evaluation.

Install Some Window Treatments

Window treatments such as films, shades, and blinds can reduce heat gain when the
weather outside gets hotter. These solutions don’t just improve the aesthetic appeal
of your home, but they also lower your energy consumption.

Open Your Windows

Opening your windows can create a cross-wise breeze, which will naturally cool
down your home. This is significantly advantageous if you don’t need to turn on your
air conditioner at all times, especially in the mild temperature of spring.
By following these simple energy-saving tips, you can lower residential or
commercial HVAC cooling costs in King Of Prussia, PA, and enjoy more
significant savings in the spring and summer.

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Contact us at Infinite Mechanical for more energy-saving tips or if you need quality
A/C repair and maintenance service. We service King Of Prussia, PA, and the
surrounding areas.


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