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How to Keep Your Home and Family Safe During the Holidays?

The holiday is more fun when you celebrate it with your loved ones. But sometimes, we can’t avoid missing out on safety hazards as the festivity goes on, especially if you ignore safety precautions or home maintenance tasks before the celebration.

It only takes good preparation to keep your family and home safe during the holidays. Here are some tips you can follow for a safer holiday party:

Don’t Overload Your Electrical Outlets

Holiday fires happen due to overloaded electrical outlets and damaged wires. Remember, your outlets have wattage capacity, and if it exceeded the limit, there’s a chance for electrical or fire hazards to occur. Ensure your outlets are not bombarded with high-wattage appliances or plugged with too many devices to avoid costly problems.

Pay Attention to Your Kitchen

When you are cooking your holiday food in the kitchen, make sure you don’t leave the area unattended. Your kitchen appliances will be working continuously this holiday, and we highly recommend to keep an eye on them as they work to avoid home cooking fires.

Be Mindful With Your Decorations

Placing decoration around or near your thermostat can cause the device to read the indoor temperature inaccurately. Also, decorations that block the vent can prevent the heated air from going straight to where it is needed. Lastly, don’t use nails or thumbtacks to mount your decorative lights on your walls as they can damage the wire and cause electrocution.

Use Candles and Fireplaces Properly

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), there are about 230 cases of home fires started from Christmas trees annually. Combustible materials hang around the Christmas tree or fireplace can be caught by fire unnoticeable. When decorating, make sure that those tree branches or stockings are turned away from the blazing fires.

Schedule Your Heating Services

You and your family deserve a toasty and comfortable holiday celebration in your home. Have your heating system serviced by the pros before the holiday comes to keep your home comfortable. With this, you can focus on preparing food and enjoying the festivity without having to worry that your heater might breakdown anytime.

Make this year another memorable year for you and your loved ones to celebrate. Follow our holiday safety tips for a merrier and joyful Christmas. Should you need more safety advice or quality HVAC services in Horsham, PA and the nearby communities, contact only Infinite Mechanical.

Our team wishes you a happy and safe holiday! 

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