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How many times this season have you headed home after work in the dark and cold only to find that your heat isn’t working? If this is the case, you have an emergency waiting to arise. This makes it important to have a heating pro on call.

At Infinite Mechanical, we offer 24-hour emergency heating repair services in Blue Bell, PA to ensure that you’re all warm and cozy all through the winter. Call us today!

5 Most Common Home Heating Repair Calls

Winter brings with it a few heating-related service calls for HVAC contractors. And while different symptoms can accompany each type of problem, the underlying cause is often the same. With that, here are the top five common home heating problems:

Dirty Air Filters

Dirty air filters restrict airflow, which reduces the flow of heated air throughout your home. And it can also result in higher energy bills as you keep the thermostat set at a warmer temperature to offset reduced airflow.

To test if your filter is dirty, hold it up against light; if you can’t see through it, try cleaning your filter, or you replace it with a new one. If this doesn’t work, call a pro to help you out.

Blocked Vents

Vents are designed to pull air into and out of the home. And when the airflow is restricted, this can cause several problems with your heating system.

Blocked vents can also result in poor indoor air quality and increased moisture levels inside the ducts, ultimately leading to mold growth over time. This clogs the entire system and reduces its efficiency.

Faulty Ignition Control or Pilot Light

Faulty ignition control or pilot light can be caused by air in the system, a dirty gas regulator, improper venting of combustion gases, and more. A cracked heat exchanger can also cause this problem.

The most prevalent symptoms of this issue include no flame on one or more heating zones, no response when you press your thermostat’s “heat” button, a constant flow of cold air from vents, and a higher-than-normal gas consumption rate.

Poor to No Heating

Though it can be caused by many issues, poor or no heating is often related to insufficient heat exchanger surface area. This is the most common problem in many furnaces, resulting from corrosion and inefficient air distribution throughout your home.

Check the airflow through each register and compare it to other vents not under suspicion for problems. If you notice that one vent has little or no airflow at all while others remain fully operational, you likely have this problem on your hands.

Short Cycling Unit

When your furnace cycles on and off too often, it places excessive wear and tear on the system. This can lead to premature breakage of your equipment asits internal components aren’t getting enough time to cool down between uses.

Short cycles can lead to high electric bills and frequent combustion sounds from the unit. Call an HVAC professional for help.

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Need assistance? The pros at Infinite Mechanical are here for you! We pride ourselves in providing only the best customer service to keep homes like yours feeling warm all winter long. We offer 24-hour emergency heating repair services in Blue Bell, PA and the surrounding areas.

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