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5 Reasons Why Upgrade Your Old Residential Boiler

Although a new boiler can be expensive to your budget, it will ultimately save you money and energy in the long run. Old boilers are inefficient and may even put you at risk of safety issues.

With that, here are five reasons why you should install a new boiler in your home:

Poor Energy Efficiency

An old system may lose up to 15% of the heat produced through the home. With this, your home will require higher temperatures during the winter months, drastically increasing heating costs throughout the year.

However, a new boiler will get built specifically for your home. This means that the casing, insulation, and controls will get customized to fit snugly into your home’s size and shape, which helps you save money on fuel costs each month. It also recycles heat much more efficiently than older models

Old Technology

Your current system may have been top of the line when it was first released, but today’s technology is significantly more advanced and efficient.

New boilers can sense your home’s temperature and adjust accordingly while detecting the amount of heat needed based on present conditions. This means energy savings will get maximized by turned-off faucets or faulty vents.

Safety Issues

Another good reason why it’s important to get a new boiler as soon as possible is the higher chance of leaks or spills of an older boiler. These boilers are also more likely to burst, so it’s important to replace your system when it shows signs of needing replacement.

In the case of leakage, if it smells like chemicals or natural gas, immediately turn off the main water valve outside the house and contact your trusted service provider to address your issue.

Poor Efficiency

Suppose you have replaced your filter as suggested by the manufacturer and have followed all other recommended maintenance procedures. However, your system is still not achieving maximum effectiveness; it may be time to replace your boiler with one that will increase energy output and improve operating conditions in your home.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Conserving our natural resources and reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is one of the pure benefits of upgrading your boiler.

New boilers are built with environmentally friendly materials such as copper, stainless steel, nickel gas valves, and sensors that detect leaks and automatically shut off the system. The new technology in today’s systems will also allow you to connect to solar panels or geothermal heating for even more energy conservation.

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