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As with any complex mechanical system, it’s essential to have regular tune-ups and inspections done so that you know it’s running optimally. Without regular service, your unit will experience wear and tear because of time, rusting, corrosion, stress on parts due to extreme temperatures and atmospheric conditions.

Some common signs that your unit needs repair are:

  • Noisy sounds when the unit is running (such as rattling or grinding).
  • Insufficient heating or cooling.
  • Weak airflow within the house (less than 50% cooling capacity).

Ideally, you would want to get an inspection done every year, but in reality, many people don’t do this unless their HVAC system breaks down. If you’re going to be proactive, three years is a reasonable interval. Consult your manufacturer or technician to determine what is best for your particular unit.

Yes, you should! A dirty air filter prevents your HVAC system from operating at peak capacity. It can also contribute to other problems such as increased energy costs, poor indoor air quality, and potentially damaging motors by creating an attractive environment for rodents and insects.

The cost of changing one’s filters is minimal, and it’s not advisable to DIY this kind of job anyway since it takes special equipment; be sure to consult a professional service provider if you need help with this task.

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