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Industry-Certified A/C Maintenance Services in Ambler, PA

If you want to keep your system in top condition while reaping many benefits in the long run, A/C maintenance is the way to go.

However, you should choose the right technician to handle your system. Otherwise, you’ll be surprised by the consequences of hiring a non-licensed technician, so let Infinite Mechanical handle your A/C maintenance needs.

AC Maintenance Ambler

Ways to Keep Your Cooling System Efficient All Summer

Attempting to repair a broken air conditioner on your own is usually not a good idea. You’re not only putting yourself at risk, but you may also be worsening the problem. Good thing there are other things you can do yourself for your A/C.

Maintain a Clean Environment

The outside condenser unit is exposed to the weather and may collect dirt and debris. Remove any debris that you find around the unit. If it’s clean, it will function better. If you need complete cleaning, then call the experts.

Clean the Vents

Cleaning your air vents is beneficial not only to your air conditioner’s condition but also to the reducing the allergens in your house. Cleaning the air vents with a vacuum is a good idea. Deep-cleaning your vents or working on broken, undersized, or large ducts, on the other hand, aren’t do-it-yourself projects. If air vents do not blow cold air even if your cooling system is switched on, contact your technician.

Remove Objects Obstructing the Vents

Most people put furniture or stack boxes on top, where vents are usually found. Consider rearranging your furniture and removing objects such as boxes, toys, and other items that may obstruct an air vent.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

Call your technician to have a programmable thermostat installed if you don’t have one yet. It will automatically change the temperature based on the time of day. Because nights are often colder, a higher setting can help your air conditioner operate more effectively and save you money on electricity.

Cover Your Windows

Window coverings such as curtains and blinds may speed up the process of your A/C unit reaching the appropriate temperature. They may also help you save money on your utility bills. To reduce heat transmission, keep your window coverings closed. If you don’t notice any change, it’s possible that your system is leaking refrigerant.

Don’t Use Your Oven Frequently

On hot days, if possible, avoid using your oven. It’s best to save it for a colder day. Your dryer is no exception. Heat-generating appliances may make your home hotter than it needs to be, causing your HVAC system to work harder and take longer to cool it.

Check If There’s Ice

Make sure there is no ice present. Warm air will be blown into your house by an A/C unit that is short on refrigerant. Moreover, if your air conditioner’s compressor freezes, the same thing may happen. A leak in the coolant line often causes this issue, but it may also be caused by a clogged filter. If cleaning or replacing the filthy filter doesn’t work and your air conditioner still makes ice, it’s time to hire an expert.

Contact Infinite Mechanical for Comprehensive A/C Maintenance Services in Ambler, PA

Maintenance work is just as essential as hiring the finest professionals to do the task. Let Infinite Mechanical service your air conditioner today. Our experts can maintain your air conditioning system in the best condition possible so that you can stay cool in your home no matter how hot it gets throughout the summer season.

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