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AC Installation Service Blue Bell

Come summer, and a fully functioning air-conditioning unit may be the only one that can save you and your family from the heat. If you don’t have one yet and are planning to have one set up or replace a broken unit with a new one, there are things other than the unit’s price that you have to keep in mind. Here are some things to consider for A/C installation in Blue Bell, PA.

4 Things to Keep in Mind For A/C Installation Services in Blue Bell, PA

Know what type you need.

Air conditioning units are not a one-size-fits-all machine. There are different types of A/C units for different settings. Window air conditioners are the most common, designed to fit into the window of small rooms. Split air conditioners consist of two units, one kept inside and one installed outside. You might also want to consider the more eco-friendly geothermal A/C systems. Consider showing your professional technician the rooms or areas you wish to regulate so you can decide on which type will be the best to install.

Work with the right contractor.

Sure, there might be multiple heating and cooling services out there, but you’ll want to narrow down your option to which company can best accommodate your needs. Try asking your neighbors or friends for recommendations or looking up local services online. You ought to consider several things such as their prices, their license and experience, their emergency services, and their location. Ideally, you should invest in one that’s near you so you won’t have problems contacting them once issues arise.

Your contractor’s company will also be responsible for any insurance plans you might want to check up, especially for the annual maintenance. After all, your unit will need its regular tune-ups to make sure it lasts until the end of its lifespan.

Prepare your space. 

Make sure that the chosen rooms or zones in the house are big enough to hold the unit. If you’re having an old system replaced, make sure the new unit matches the previous one. You’ll also need to clean up before the unit gets installed. Dirt and dust that may have accumulated in corners can immediately cause damage to the new system and affect the air quality and circulation. If you can’t find the time for cleaning, try asking your contractor because some companies offer additional duct cleaning services.

Once the contractor arrives for installation, clear a path from the entrance to the installation area. Set aside the furniture to make way for the technicians lugging the unit and their tools from their vehicle. Make sure to clear any vases or other breakable things to minimize potential damages or accidents.

Test the unit.

The last part of installation services involves the contractor testing the unit. The newly installed A/C system must go through vacuum and pressure tests before being activated and retested. The unit is then fully inspected to catch any potential problems. Make sure to be present when the inspector tests the unit, and listen carefully to any additional instructions to keep the unit running smoothly.

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